Testimonials for Relationships Happen

"There are so many benefits to being open and taking this class, even more than we had ever imagined. I’m not sure words can truly convey my appreciation and gratitude for the changes made while taking this class, but I will try.

My husband and I originally started taking the class to help us better understand and parent our younger son. We consider him to be a 'strong willed child' and after reading a number of books, asking for advice from everyone we knew, and struggling for a year, we decided to look into other avenues. I am so grateful that we found Nancy and Jason’s Parenting Class. It was the answer we were seeking, but it took us on a journey we didn’t know that we needed. Rather than just instructing us on how to better deal with our kids, Nancy and Jason’s class focused on us and how we feel. Our feelings both conscious and unconscious as people needed to be examined and understood before any changes could take place as parents. They taught us how to notice our own thoughts and feelings in the moment.  They taught us to take just five minutes every day for ourselves to focus on our own feelings. That helped us become aware of our thoughts and feelings in the moment rather than being hijacked by repressed memories and emotions from our past. Taking those five minutes every day combined with learning about the Self AND Other polarities changed our trajectory in a wonderful way. We didn’t need to change the way we parented our children, we needed to take time out to look at ourselves! 

In our culture it is almost unheard of to take time as a parent to care for or address their own needs. Yet if we neglect that part of ourselves for too long we can become resentful and disconnected. Learning that we all have an ebb and flow, what we came to know as polarities, between taking care of ourselves and taking care of our children was so powerful to me. I am able to take a 'time out' when I am feeling overwhelmed as a parent and not feel guilty about doing that. Moreover, I can feel proud of myself for realizing that to be a good parent to my children, I need to take time out for myself even if it is just a couple of minutes. It has allowed me amplify my patience especially during the most challenging moments. I can be a good example to my children for what to do when I feel upset or overwhelmed. I also learned how to talk to them about what they are feeling and what I am feeling. I used to repress and try to ignore my feelings to help my children through theirs. That tactic hardly ever worked, and I felt shame about the results. It opened my eyes to the fact that feelings can be shared in both directions so that everyone is heard and so that my kids know the impact they have on those around them. I feel comfortable sharing experiences both happy and unpleasant with my children now and I feel more confident every day that I am helping them become the people they want to be.

Thanks to this class, my relationship with my two sons is stronger and more healthy now than it ever has been, and I see it growing and blossoming every day. I definitely still struggle at times, but I now have the tools and awareness to process the struggles with patience and care instead of guilt and shame. My already amazing relationship with my husband has grown stronger than we thought it could. We were able to discover things we had never discussed in our 19 years together. We have been able to explore our thoughts and feelings on a deeper level, and it has brought us closer as husband and wife and as a father and mother to our children.  

An unintended side effect of this class is that I was finally able to address my fear of spiders. Allowing myself to feel comfortable enough to relive the trauma I experienced related to spiders over and over helped me to process the fear and stress that memory held. Processing through that released the power that memory had over me. I can now say that after 23 years I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of fear when I see a spider. In fact, I have been able to let them walk by me with no concern. I felt like a victim to that fear for so long, and now I am free.

We went into the class to help us parent our children more effectively, but what we got out of it was so much deeper and so much more profound than we had hoped.  Thank you Nancy and Jason for changing our lives in such an impactful and positive way!"


"To decide if this parenting class makes sense for you there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Did you feel it necessary to get some kind of an education in order to do the job you're doing now? And were you willing to pay more than $1,000 for that education to help you be more successful in your career? If you own your own business have you ever invested $1,000 or more into improving your business? The next question you should ask is whether your career or business is more important to you than your family.  

If your family is more important than your career then an investment into a fantastic parenting class should be well worth it to help improve the most important relationships in your life. That's much less than we've all spent on education for our careers! Being a good parent or spouse or son or daughter doesn't come automatically. It takes practice and continued education! The things my husband and I learned in this parenting class have been invaluable to improving our relationship with each other and with our daughters. We learned how to communicate better with each other, how to address the root of behavior issues with our daughters and how to understand the impact our past experiences have had on us that we never realized before.  

This class is a must for anyone wanting to 'Improve your relationships and improve your life!'"