Relationships Happen

What's in a name?

We named our company Relationships Happen because, well, they do. When you hear people say things like "relationships don't just happen," they are omitting a very important modifier - "high quality relationships don't just happen." 

Every interaction is, at some level, a relationship. Some relationships are obvious; family, friends, direct co-workers. What is less obvious is that we have some type of relationship with everyone with whom we interact, our actions directly impact the quality of that relationship, for better or worse. 

Whether at work or on the street, do you avoid eye contact with people? Do your face and body language convey a message of which you may be unaware? Do you speak, turn away in avoidance or ignore them altogether? Each of these different behaviorscan have varying consequences and will inevitably impact the quality of the relationship. If someone always scowls at you in the hall, how likely are you to strike up a conversation with them at lunch? You may think that you have avoided a relationship with that person, but in reality the relationship exists, it's just not very good.

This simple example illustrates that all of our relationships are a series of interactions, and we influence those interactions with our behavior. With each person in our lives, for no matter how briefly a moment or how long we've known them, we have the power to create a high quality relationships.

Relationships are pivotal to both personal and professional success. The better we are at understanding the underlying tensions of relationships and navigating that complexity, the more likely we are to have a positive outcome.