Parenting & Relationship Classes

Our Parenting and Relationship Class is held in our offices in Sacramento, CA. Each class is a group of 4-6 people, and takes place over the course of 1 year. Some participants are single, some take this class as a couple, and not everyone in the class is a parent. We meet for 2 hours every week for 11 weeks, then 2 hours every month for 9 months. The reason for this is that change takes time. It is 2 steps forward, 1 step back (sometimes 3 steps back!). We work to provide you with many tools and insights in the first 11 weeks, and then support you in applying those in your lives.

Is this class for you?

  • Do you see yourself as a reasonably “good” parent/partner and are interested in learning more ways of being a “good” parent/partner?  Then this class is probably for you!

  • Do you see yourself as a reasonably “good” parent/partner and your spouse/partner as being deficient in these skills?  Then this class is probably for both of you!

  • Do you see yourself as a reasonably “good” parent/partner who, at times, gets tangled in conversations with your child/partner that seem a bit irrational?  Then this class is probably for you!

  • Do you see yourself as an incompetent parent/partner and believe someone will find out soon and report you to Childrens Protective Services?  Then this class is probably for you!

  • Are you aware of times when you treat your child/partner in ways that are hard for you to admit, and know there is no way you would treat your friend or friend’s children the way you treat your child/partner? Then this class is probably for you!

If any or all of the above situations apply to you, then keep reading and consider signing up for this parenting class!

As parents, western culture seems to think we instinctively know how to parent our child in healthy, constructive ways.  However, most parents do not have these “instincts” and instead usually fumble through doing the best they can.

This class holds that parenting isn't something that is done to a child, but is the relationship you develop with your child. With this in mind, western culture is still not helpful in providing the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to develop a deep understanding of ourselves, which can lead to a deep understanding of our children. It is this deep understanding that is the foundation for developing a healthy, constructive, supportive relationship with your child.

Unfortunately, the kinds of things that are taught in substance abuse rehabilitation centers, and anger management classes are not part of the general education curriculum in the United States. In our opinion, if children were taught about what feelings and thoughts are, and how they relate to each other and what they feel like in their body and what to do with them, then our children would probably be happier, healthier, and more successful in school and in life.

This class is designed and taught by Nancy Gregory, Ph.D. and Jason Roberts. To find out more about parenting classes or to register for an upcoming class please contact us here, or call (916) 541-5346.